For hearing and vision impairment, numbers will double by 2030. Mental and cognitive health and sensory impairment are not independent. Hearing loss and vision impairment is linked to depression, poor cognitive function, social isolation, and reduced quality of life. To address this, SENSE-Cog’s aims are to: (1) understand the inter-relationship of sensory and cognitive impairments; (2) identify novel means of screening/detection for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes; and (3) translate this knowledge into clinical applications for the mental well-being of EU citizens.

Poor mental health, hearing and vision impairment are all within the top 10 highest burden of disease within the EU, and are very important from the perspective of public health. Mental ill-health costs the EU over €277 billion/year (2005). Poor mental health, hearing and vision impairment frequently co-occur and are all strongly associated with age and due to ageing population demographics, the numbers of people with these conditions are set to increase.






SENSE-Cog has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 668648.