SENSE-Cog Toolkit
SENSE-Cog Toolkit
SENSE-Cog Toolkit


SENSE-Cog will incrementally develop a Toolkit during the project to guide professionals and others in primary care, hearing and vision clinics, and memory assessment services, in the diagnosis and management of older European citizens from diverse communities and regions living with dual- or triple-impairments, with the overall objective of improving their mental and cognitive well-being.


The Toolkit is expected to ultimately include adapted assessment instruments, decision-making algorithms for intervention, monitoring protocols and options for management. The prototype Toolkit will be rolled out progressively in each of the five SENSE-Cog clinical sites in order to evaluate the psychometric qualities of the adapted scales, performance, dimensionality and reliability, and to adapt the solutions accordingly.


This section of the website will therefore progressively be further developed, as the project progresses, with further subsections providing both Toolkit solutions and targeted information about use of the Toolkit for medical professionals, researchers, caregivers, patients and the public.


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