SENSE-Cog - The Project
SENSE-Cog - The Project
SENSE-Cog organisation

Work Plan

To facilitate the organisation of the scientific work and project management, SENSE-Cog is structured in six interrelated work packages (WPs). Each work package has a leader who is responsible for the management and realisation of the tasks allocated to the respective WP.


WP1 - Exploration

WP2 - Assessment

WP3 - Intervention

WP4 - Valuation

WP5 - Participation, dissemination and communication

WP6 - Management, governance and ethics


Further details about the tasks of each WP are given in the section "Objectives: What we plan to do"


Overall project decisions are taken by the General Assembly (GA) where all partners are represented. The Steering Committee (SC), which comprises all WP leaders, monitors the overall activities of the project on an ongoing basis and reports to the GA. The project is advised by a Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) comprising nine well-known experts in the fields of vision, hearing and cognitive science, health technology and innovation, public engagement and other domains important to the work of SENSE-Cog. An Innovation Management Board (IMB) advises the project on key aspects relevant to the dissemination and exploitation of project results. An Ethical Advisory Board (EAB) advises the project on the various sensitive ethical issues that are central to the research, including clinical studies.






















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