SENSE-Cog - The Project
SENSE-Cog - The Project

About the SENSE-Cog Project

Mental, cognitive, vision and hearing problems in older adults are amongst the top public health challenges in Europe. They frequently appear together which can seriously decrease the quality of life and mental well-being of those affected.

SENSE-Cog aims to address this negative impact and to promote mental well-being by understanding the inter-relationship of sensory impairments and cognitive and mental health function, identifying novel means of screening and detection for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, and translating this knowledge into clinical applications to improve the mental well-being of EU citizens.

A multidisciplinary collaborative approach will address the following themes:


  • exploration: an epidemiological analysis of five large EU longitudinal databases to establish risk profiles for good and poor mental health outcomes
  • assessment: the adaptation/validation of assessment tools for cognition and sensory impairment for vulnerable populations, including the development of a composite e-screen for sensory, cognitive and mental functioning
  • intervention: a clinical trial of a newly developed “sensory support” intervention
  • participation: an EU “patient and public voice” and innovative public engagement network to inform project research and communicate finding
  • valuation: health economic and cost effectiveness analyses
  • management, governance and ethical issues

SENSE-Cog Consortium

SENSE-Cog Consortium

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