SENSE-Cog - The Project
SENSE-Cog - The Project

Outcomes and Expected Impact

By analysing and modelling existing longitudinal data across five major EU databases, SENSE-Cog expects to be able to untangle the interactions between sensory impairment and mental and cognitive ill health, together with the impacts on the affected person and their caregivers. Risk profiles will be generated for "poor" and "good" mental and cognitive health.

Cognitive impairment, dementia and other mental illnesses present with greater severity and more rapid progression when compounded by communication barriers, lack of sensory input and isolation due to sensory impairment. SENSE-Cog’s Sensory Support Intervention will address this by tailoring therapy specifically for people with multiple impairments.

Most previous clinical trials for people with dementia (PwD) have excluded those living with significant vision or hearing impairment. SENSE-Cog’s intervention trial will therefore specifically include people with sensory impairment and dementia (PwD) and their caregivers. The trial will integrate the principles of "complex intervention" and directly test sensory support measures using guidance developed by the UK's Medical Research Council (MRC). An evidence-based work package (WP4) will also enable patients to participate in the project as co-researchers and lead the dissemination efforts, with a particular emphasis on previously-excluded groups.

The SENSE-Cog clinical trial on the effectiveness of vision and auditory enhancement on mental health outcomes and development of a novel e-screening tool will directly contribute to preventative and therapeutic interventions to change the course of brain disease. An assessment and solutions Toolkit will be incrementally developed during the project to support the needs of professionals and caregivers.



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