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Biomedcentral (BMC) Series Blog:

‘Three’s a crowd’: The triple impact of hearing, vision and cognitive impairment in older people
by Lucas Wolski, Iracema Leroi, Ines Himmelsbach, Piers Dawes, & Abebaw M. Yohannes


Press releases:

March 2019: SENSE-Cog success story undefinedBetter support when it gets harder to see, hear or think


May 2018: Prof Iracema Leroi, coordinator of SENSE-Cog from Uni Manchester, comments on DailyMailUK article on Alzheimers: 'undefinedWe hope to slow the deterioration of cognitive ability and daily functioning resulting from the progression of Alzheimer's disease."


undefinedPress release Nice 2017

undefinedPress release MICRA


undefinedUniversity of Manchester news release

undefinedUniversity of Manchester academics will lead a new multi-million European research consortium to investigate the combined challenge of dementia, age-related hearing and vision impairment.

undefinedSENSE Cog in Innovation Alzheimer

undefinedErasmus MC: Study on combined impact of dementia, hearing and vision problems

undefinedIXICO to participate in a pan European consortium

undefinedSigma Live: University of Cyprus participates in European dementia research project

undefinedEuropean Commission/CORDIS/Projects and Results/Ears, Eyes and Mind: The ‘SENSE-Cog Project’ to improve mental well-being for elderly Europeans with sensory impairment

undefinedNHS Manchester University Case Study: SENSE-Cog

Media coverage:

Sense-Cog Public Engagement Event on 26th October in Nicosia was present in the Cypriot press. Please see the article here.

Dr. Piers Dawes and Dr. Asri Maharani from Uni Manchester explain how undefinedHearing aids and cataract surgery may prevent dementia: 'Exciting' research shows the treatments halt the rate of cognitive decline by up to 75% in Mail Online- Health

Dr. Piers Dawes from Uni Manchester talking about undefinedHearing aids slow dementia by '75% in The Telegraph on 11th October 2018.

SENSE-Cog Public Event on Saturday 10th March 2018 in Nicosia on undefinedygeia-news and undefinedpaideia-news

undefinedSigma Live News Local: UCY participates in European dementia research project


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